Ken Harwood: Wisconsin should lead on clean power

Ken Harwood: Wisconsin should lead on clean power

Aug 29, 2015

Dear Editor: It is too bad that Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce has an opportunity to take lead role in working with both sides on an energy plan for Wisconsin and chooses instead to just say no. Scott Manley and WMC should mention that the cost of solar is way down and natural gas can now fill in many of the gaps he cites as problems. Wind will continue to come down in price and size, and increase in efficiency, and using it as the sole example is wrong and misleading.

Many of the energy companies are willing to work toward a more green distribution network. That said, why can`t Wisconsin take a lead role in energy production, environmental sanity, and a nonpolitical approach to working together as a state to create new jobs, a better environment for our kids, and political sanity.

Remember when Wisconsin used to lead the way on some very difficult issues that the nation was dealing with? Why can we not do this again?

Ken Harwood



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