Ken Harwood: Here’s some common sense advice for election winners

Ken Harwood: Here’s some common sense advice for election winners

Nov 3, 2010

Dear Editor: I have some advice for the winners of Tuesday’s election. I base it on things I have done (or not done) as an elected official in the past, as an advocate for economic development and jobs in the present, and as a retiree in the future. It is nonpartisan and it is very basic.

• Don’t spend what you don’t have. If you do not have a known revenue source to support a program, don’t approve the program.

• Spend one-time money once. If your community gets a federal grant and hires three new police officers, next year it has no grant but three additional employees.

• Borrow only for things that will outlast the loan.

• Think globally by empowering locally. We need to focus on U.S. companies and opening overseas market to our products before we make cheap consumables available to the Walmart shopper.

• Banks don’t buy cars and houses, people do. Make loans and jobs available to the people so that they can stay in their homes, not to the banks so they can afford to foreclose.

• Use a cause and effect tax structure. If we need substantial road and transportation improvements, use gas and vehicle taxes to pay for them.

These are simple, obvious, logical rules -- most of which, if not all, will be broken before the next election. In two years I will be able to make the same recommendations, and I will sound as obvious then as I do now -- and that is the problem.

Ken Harwood


Ken Notes: Deaf ears??? They all read it though...

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