Development Matters with Ken Harwood

Development Matters with Ken Harwood

Development Matters with Ken Harwood

Tag Line: Progressive Ideas From a Conservative Perspective.

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Each week Ken will review economic development, job creation, environmental trends,  and social issues in the State. He will try to discuss issues that are in the political arena from a sound business perspective and he will encourage his guests to do the same. He will offer alternative solutions from experts, pundits, and politicians, and then examine the economic realities behind them and seek real solutions.

Ken notes, "The idea is simple if we can discuss problems and solutions without pointing fingers or calling each other names we may get Wisconsin back on track, because it has damn sure derailed over the years".

Ken brings decades of political experience and journalism to the table and will call on a long list of friends, colleagues, and associates to address ideas, solutions and funding on hundreds of issues facing Wisconsin today.

You can listen to "Talk Radio" with those who play the blame game or you can spend two hours a week listening to radio that asks real experts the real questions resulting in real solutions for today`s toughest issues. We dare you...

Show Format
  • Development Update and Discussion
  • Environmental Notes and Viewpoint
  • News and Notes on Our Topic for the Week
  • Special Guest
  • Questions from our listeners and discussion...
  • Our two cents and conclusions...
Ideas for Shows Topics and Guests...  
  • WEDC
  • Doyle Square
  • New Renewable Energy
  • CoWorking and the new Office
  • Economic Development Tools - TIF, Taxes, and Time
  • Partisanship and Politics
  • Biking to Work Ideas
  • Micro homes / Affordable Housing
  • CAFOs and the Small Farm
  • Green Bay Packer Stadium and Area Development
  • Water Quality
  • The decline of the mall
  • Tourism
  • The Last Mile Distribution - Amazon
  • New Milwaukee Bucks Stadium
  • WARF and the Research Park
  • Crossing the Border Suburban Development / Sprawl
  • Training the Workforce
  • Foxconn
  • Transportation, Roads, and Transit
  • Breweries in Wisconsin   
Regional updates
  • Milwaukee Area Development
  • Madison Area Development
  • Fox Cities Area Development
  • Green Bay Area Development
  • Southwest and Western Wisconsin Area Development
  • Central Wisconsin Area Development
  • Northern Wisconsin Area Development

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