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The internet is a great tool, but it also provides an opportunity for any group or organization to self publish "News Articles" from a biased or selective viewpoint. This is being done from both sides of the isle and even in outlets that once prided themselves on their journalistic ethics. It now becomes the role of the individual to consider and evaluate the source of information and check for biases. This is even more difficult when the stories are reprinted by mainstream media looking for content in an environment where income is down and staff is at a minimum.

Biased Media Outlets in Wisconsin Include:

Article Examples...

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The Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission (MRRPC)

Community Planning

MRRPC provides: comprehensive planning, hazard mitigation planning, land use planning, outdoor recreation planning, farmland preservation planning, zoning assistance, and housing studies/reports.

Economic Development

MRRPC provides: comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS), revolving loan funds, disaster recovery, microloans, grant writing and administration, and special reports.

Transportation Planning

MRRPC provides: regional transportation planning, safe routes to school planning, corridor planning, bicycle and pedestrian facility planning, freight planning, transportation & economic development.

GIS Mapping

MRRPC provides: custom map design, interactive maps and applications, EMSI Developer assistance, and location based data services.

Benefits of our Services

  • Well planned communities with a vision of how they want to grow through comprehensive plans.
  • New industrial parks.
  • Preparation of a regional economic development plan making communities, counties, and institutions eligible for public works and technical research grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce-Economic Development Administration.
  • State technology zone tax credits for expanding business and industry.
  • Preparation of county para-transit plans making counties and communities eligible for federal and state transportation grants for public and private transportation services.
  • Preparation of multi-hazard mitigation plans making counties and communities eligible for FEMA and Wisconsin Emergency Management grants to fund projects that reduce losses to life and property.
  • Relocation of homes and businesses from flood prone areas.
  • Loans to businesses from 4 of our revolving loan funds.
  • Recreational trails.
  • Handicapped fishing piers, boat landings and ball fields.


Sarah Ofte
Administrative Assistant

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